Talented Rockport Music Students Head to Senior Districts

Senior District Choir from the 2016 Senior District Festival.

Senior District Choir from the 2016 Senior District Festival.

Sydney Champagne, Contributor/Editor

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This past Saturday, twelve Rockport High School students got on a bus and headed to North Andover High School, where they would be auditioning for a spot in the Senior Districts Festival for either orchestra, band, or boys or girls chorus.

The MMEA Northeastern District is the category in which our town falls under in the state, and ranges from towns such as Rockport all the way to Tyngsborough. Vocalists and musicians must learn a piece and come prepared knowing it extremely well. Everyone in their category learns the same piece (for example, all violinists auditioning play the same piece, all singers sing the same piece, etc), and have to play it in front of an adjudicator who listens intently, judges, and gives feedback. Also, there are additional components that must be completed when auditioning. Instrumentalists must be able to play challenging scales, and vocalists must be able to sight read a sequence of notes they had never seen before to the best of their ability. There are many different scoring categories, such as tone, correct notes, and interpretation to name a few. To get into Districts, one must score a certain high number; if they do extremely well and get a near-perfect score, the student will get a recommendation from the adjudicator to audition for All-State, where they would be competing against the best high schoolers across Massachusetts to participate in the All-State festival.

Everyone who auditioned from Rockport did very well and should be extremely proud of themselves; auditioning is very difficult, and Senior Districts is very competitive, so everyone who put themselves out there and should be very pleased with themselves. Out of the twelve who auditioned, four talented students got invited to participate in the festival, and two of those four received All State recommendations. The four students who got accepted and will be participating in the Senior Districts are listed below.

Brody Baskin : Freshman, Tenor vocalist, All State recommendation

Connor Dench: Freshman, Tenor vocalist

Sophia Renda: Junior, Alto vocalist

Clara Mazo: Senior, violinist, All State recommendation

Congratulations to those four students, and good luck to Clara and Brody with their All State auditions!