RPS Gives Back Day

Sydney Champagne, Contributor/Editor

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On Thursday April 25, Rockport Public Schools will be hosting its 3rd Annual RPS Gives Back Day. This day was created in light of the idea that the Rockport Public School Community and the town of Rockport have supported one another for generations, and the event serves to highlight, celebrate, and further develop that unique partnership.


Over 250 students, teachers, and parents work throughout the year on collaborative projects that accentuate the talent, intelligence, and core values of the RPS student body. Projects range from community ecosystem improvements to musical performances, to authentic research in science, to lovely art projects, and much more. All interested parties are invited to come out on April 25 from 4-8pm to support local business, eat at our restaurants, and take part in the various exhibitions being held throughout the town.


Last year, activities were presented at the Shalin Liu, Dock Square, Rockport Library, and the Congregational Church. This year the goal is to include private shops and restaurants as presentation spaces. As it is a community event, having as many community partners as possible will only make the night better.


RPS Gives Back is an event that many students and teachers look forward to, and work extremely hard at putting together. Showcasing student work in our community is extremely beneficial to everyone involved, and is a necessity to demonstrate the value of the student community in Rockport. Staff, parents, and students have been working since September to make sure that RPS Gives Back 2019 is bigger and better than ever, and so we hope that the community shows as much interest and enthusiasm in this event as the kids do.

The goal of this event is that all who participate in this event will come away with a better understanding of the many ideas and talents we can build on for the future of Rockport.