Rockport Poetry Contest

a Paperless Poetry Contest open to all Rockport Public School Students and any student living in Rockport

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Rockport Poetry Contest

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Rockport Poetry is conducting a Paperless Poetry Contest, an electronic poetry competition open to all Rockport Public School Students and any student living in Rockport at the time the entry is submitted.

The mission of Rockport Poetry is to bring poetry, the spoken and written word, to the same degree of artistic presence and prominence as we do visual art, through our many galleries and Rockport Art Association, and music through the fantastic Shalin Liu Concert Hall and Music Department at Rockport Public Schools.

Toward this goal we are presenting the Rockport Poetry Festival on Sunday, April 28, 2019. This contest is being held as part of the Festival. More on that soon… but regarding the Paperless Poetry Contest:

We will accept up to 3 submissions per student… with a caveat. Only one (1) poem per student can win a place or get an honorable mention. For example, if a student submits 3 poems s/he cannot win 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places. S/he would get 1st place and another poet would get 2nd, and still another would get 3rd. In addition, a student poet can’t ‘place’ and get an Honorable Mention as well. Neither can a student poet get more than one Honorable Mention.

Poems will be judged by a panel who will not know the name of the poet but they will know the grade level. Members of the panel will include the current Poet Laureate ‎of Rockport, past Poet Laureates, as well as published poets and accomplished poets who do active public readings.

Each poem will be read by at least 3 panelist judges and more if necessary, to select the winners by group consensus‎.

We would be happy to talk with classes and will provide poetry workshops specific to grade level‎ if you so desire. Attached is a poster and the list of official contest rules.

Parents will have to sign a permission form for participation but especially for publication on the Internet and in the Anthology. The Author retains the copyright but allows us to publish their work as part of the Paperless Poetry Contest and as part of the affiliated Rockport Poetry Festival to be held on Sunday, April 28‎th.

If I can help in any way, answer other questions, ‎or if you’d like a workshop please don’t hesitate to contact me, Bob Whelan, Rockport Poetry, at



Paperless Poetry Contest Rules

Paperless PoetryFlyer