RPS Give Back day was a HUGE success!

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At 4 pm the RPS Give Back Day got under way. As one walked into Dock Square one came upon students and town members playing chess and cards on a long table outside of the Judy Rotenberg Studio.  If one walked into the studio, besides seeing beautiful artwork on display, the Rockport Mahjong Club, led by Jean Patey, was teaching people to play Mahjong; Zach Moceri, a Rockport High School senior, was testing a new game he had developed, and other people were playing Connect4 and Blokus.

As one continued past the studio, there was a long table with a huge poster that the public could color in.

AS the afternoon wore on in Dock Square, the Jazz band played a long set of music which included vocalists, Jack Kelly and Rhiannon Hurst. Eventually a troop of Elementary School jugglers came down to Dock Square and added to the jazzy vibe.Up Main Street and onto the lawn of the Congregational Church, various student groups held their exhibitions. Among the exhibitors were members of the Twin Lights Tribune, the DECA group, the RPS Green Team, and the Biodigester Club. In addition, students showed their National History Day exhibitions to the community, on topics ranging from Black Caesar to Whitey Bulgar to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire to Malaysian Flight 370.

There were also presentations in the Shalin Lui: the Twenty-Twenty project headed by Emma Hensler, HS English Teacher, and Barbara Swanson, HS Science Teacher; the Twin Lights Tribune, the school newspaper,  presented by Sydney Champagne, Patrick, Morin and Nathaniel Kirby; a Magic Show by Cam Diaz; the HS Madrigal singers and Rowan Rockwell’s band, the Jazz Imposters.

There was also robotics by the elementary school in the Congregational Church and more robotics and computer science by the middle school (including coffee and donuts) at Brother’s Brew.

The wide variety of talents and activities on display made the RPS Give Back Day a great afternoon out!