RHS French Trip

Taylor Frost

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Over April vacation, a handful of 7 Rockport High School students; sophomores Rachel Daily and Taylor Frost, Juniors Jillian Tierney, Kai Knudsen, Anthony Rano, as well as, seniors Faithe Shatford and Ryan Taber accompanied by Chris Lawnsby and his wife Rebecca travelled to France with students from Lynnfield High School to experience the French culture and geography. Starting off their journey in Paris, the group enjoyed French delicacies and drinks as they walked to an above ground graveyard and enjoyed a beautiful view from the top of Square Louise Michel. Preparing for the next day, they found their way to the Louvre Museum followed by the Tuileries Garden where they took many pictures and grasped the view. With the next two following days, the group visited Notre Dame before its tragic accident, rode on a boat along the Seine River, journeyed up to the top and second floor of the Eiffel Tower, and visited the palace of Versailles along with its beautiful gar

dens. On Tuesday, the students visited the Sainte-Chappelle and viewed its delicate stained glass followed by a walk by the devastated Notre Dame Cathedral where newscasters flooded the streets and a nearby bridge. Traveling by a high-speed train, the bunch made its way to Avignon for a short stay where they visited a famous castle, a merry go round, and a small street with outside restaurants crowded next to each other. Making their way to the city of Nîmes, students kayaked along a river and under the famous Pont Du Gard aqueduct, and ate McDonald’s while driving to a nearby farm to ride horses along a beach. Staying their last few nights in Aix En Provence, students ate delicious food accompanied by mouth watering gelato and crêpes. Enjoying the views, pictures were taken among the sights and outdoor markets in Bonnieux and Les Baux-de-Provence, which hosted re-enactments of tools and tactics used in the battles that once occurred there. With only a day left, they rode a bus to the coast of Cassis where boats docked and the food uplifted the air. The beach created a relaxing scene that was followed by a thrilling boat ride amongst the pleasing sight of the Calanques. Although the vacation came to an end, the memories and good time spent together will last forever.