2019 Women in Leadership Meeting

Taylor Frost

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Accompanied by Amanda Osier, a group of 7 Sophomores; Jolie Frontiero, Jane Reilly, Hailey Faulds, Lucy Twombly, Zoe Lucido, Taylor Frost and Alexa Osier, participated in the 2019 Women in Leadership Program at Georgetown High School. At the conference, the girls had the chance to listen to several speakers that opened their eyes to new leadership skills. Throughout the day, the group, along with other schools in the Cape Ann, preformed exercises and activities that involved meeting new people and dancing along an imaginary line. Through time, the awkwardness in the room faded away and everyone strived to leave their comfort zones. At the end of the day, the leader, Deb, arranged a talk where she told her story and how she became who she is today. With everyone having an amazing time and experience, the fun sadly ended, but the girls and staff all came together for one last group picture and said their good byes.