Students Praised at Fine Arts Awards Night

Sydney Champagne, Contributor/Editor

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On Tuesday May 14, RHS hosted another annual Fine Arts Awards Night, which highlighted many students who excelled during the 2018-2019 school year in their participation in music, drama, or art. Listed below are all students who won awards, and for what class.



Senior Chloe Beaulieu – Unsung Hero Award

Senior Sean Whelan – Unsung Hero Award

Senior Alex Strezmilowski – Friends of Fine Arts in Theatre

Senior Hattie Rich – Friends of Fine Arts in Theatre

Senior Jessica White – Excellence in Technical Theatre

Senior Preston Mattson – Excellence in Technical Theatre

Senior Clara Mazo – Outstanding Service to the Theatre Arts

Senior Troy Edmonds – Outstanding Achievement Award

Freshman Lily Morell – Excellence in Acting

Freshman Juliana Drost – Outstanding Effort in Acting

Freshman Jillian Osmond  – Starislaviski Award



Senior Hattie Mae Rich – Aspiring Marianne Brandt Award for Practical Arts

Senior Preston Mattson – Aspiring Patrick Hruby Award for Illustration

Senior Charlotte Foss – Aspiring Pilar Albaraci Award for Dance as Art

Senior Nolan Collins – Aspiring Was Land Award for Drawing

Senior Ezra Mendoza – Aspiring Gregory Crewdson Award for Photography, Outstanding Achievement Award

Senior Anya Fulmer – Aspiring Frederick C. Graff Award for Painting, Outstanding Achievement Award

Junior Adam Ramsden – Aspiring Erik Nitsche Award for Graphic Design

Junior Isabelle Jackson – Aspiring Annie Albers Award for Textile Design

Freshman Jolie Frontiero – Aspiring Viktor & Rolf Award for Fashion Design

Freshman Jane Reilly – Aspiring Viktor & Rolf Award for Fashion Design



Senior Hattie Rich – Most Outstanding Senior (Madrigal Chorus),  Julie Andrews Leadership Award (Chorus)

Senior Troy Edmonds – Morten Lauritsen Most Outstanding Member (Chorus)

Senior Alex Strezmilowski – Most Outstanding Senior (Chorus)

Senior Zachary Moceri – Music Hall of  Fame for Chorus

Junior Sophia Renda – Excellence in  Effort (Chorus)

Sophomore Rhiannon Hurst – Rence Fleming Most Outstanding Effort (Madrigal Chorus)

Freshman Eben McCarthy – Most Improved Member (Madrigal Chorus)

Freshman Lily Morell – Most Improved Member (Chorus)

Freshman Brody Baskin – Excellence in  Effort (Chorus)

Freshman Renzo Paredes – Excellence in  Effort (Chorus)



Senior Sean Whelan – Pablo Cassals Award for Musical Stewardship (Orchestra)

Senior Clara Mazo – Music Hall of Fame for Orchestra and Band, Principal Award for Music

Junior Nathaniel Kirby – Mstislav Rostropovich Award for Excellence (Orchestra)

Sophomore Madelyne Dixon – Jacqueline du Pre Award for Leadership (Chamber Music)

Freshman Juliana DaSilva – Margaret Pardee Award for Most Improved (Chamber Music)

Freshman Connor Dench – Itzhak Perlman Award for Ourstanding Effort (Chamber Music)

Freshman Yishai Howe – Yo Yo Ma Award for Most Improved (Orchestra)

Freshman Jonah Koeplin – Marry Budd Horozaniecki Award for Oustanding Effort (Orchestra)



Senior Will Altman – Semper Fidelis Musical Excellence Award (Band)

Senior Eamon Wheeler – Frederick Fennel Leadership Award (Band)

Senior Clara Mazo – Music Hall of Fame for Orchestra and Band, Principal Award for Music

Junior Jackson Renda –  John Coltrane Most Outstanding Member (Jazz Ensemble II)

Junior Evelyn Merz – Outstanding Effort (Symphonic Band)

Junior Perry Wilson – John Philip Sousa Memorial Band Award (Symphonic Band)

Sophomore Camden Wheeler –  Most Improved Member (Symphonic Band)

Sophomore Zoe Lucido – Most Improved Member (Jazz Ensemble I)

Sophomore Rhiannon Hurst – Outstanding Effort (Jazz Ensemble I)

Sophomore Rizza Anderson – Outstanding Effort (Symphonic Band)

Sophomore Kayla Colbert – Outstanding Effort (Jazz Ensemble I)

Sophomore Lucy Twombly – Outstanding Effort (Jazz Ensemble I)

Sophomore Emma Christopher – Outstanding Service and Dedication Award (Band)

Freshman Elizabeth Higgins – Outstanding Effort (Symphonic Band)

Freshman Jack Cahill – Buddy Rich Most Outstanding Member (Jazz Ensemble I)

Freshman Emma Fuller – Most Improved Member (Jazz Ensemble II)