The Plastic Threat

Kalyn Koller

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Did you know that over one million plastic bottles are purchased every minute? Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that only 25% of plastic produced in the U.S is recycled. Single-use plastic in our food system is a serious problem which is often overlooked. Here at Rockport High School, you might think students are doing their part to help with the single-use plastic problem. Sadly, that is not entirely accurate. Most students use our recycling bins as a trash can and our trash cans as a place for their single-use plastic. Upon entering the cafeteria you will notice the abundance of single-use plastic. From plastic water and juice bottles, styrofoam trays, to plastic containers carrying sandwiches. Plastic is everywhere in the cafeteria. Many of the students buy school breakfast and lunch at Rockport. So, where does all that single use plastic go that holds our food? Most will end up in landfills or eventually the ocean. We live in a small, beautiful coastal town and all members of the community should give their best effort in protecting it as much as possible. One way you can help to minimize waste is by bringing a reusable water bottle and utensils to school. Another thing you can do is recycle and encourage your classmates to recycle as well. Limiting our plastic use is important because the production of plastic is a leading cause of carbon emissions contributing to global warming. Help save our home.