Field Hockey Season Begins

Taylor Frost

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As the 2019 field hockey season comes to a start, both the girls varsity and junior varsity teams take the field. Whether it be captains practices, preseason or regular practices, the teams have been conditioning and doing drills to get ready for the upcoming fall. Beginning off with a scrimmage against Gloucester, Rockport held the team with determination. Although they were down a few points, the girls had several corners down the opposing end, but could not get the ball in the net in time. With a tough battle, they lost, but continue to learn from their mistakes and practice even harder. Along with their first scrimmage, the team had two playdays over the course of the 29th and the 30th of August. Through a tough fight, the girls lost both games on the 29th, but they did not go down easily. Likewise, the team had a few great games offensively and defensively, but came out with a win on their last against Waltham. Scored twice by Jane Reilly, Rockport won 2-o. With a rocky start, the girls are working even harder and are resting up for their first game on Thursday at Hamilton Wenham.