Mr. Lawnsby’s Photographic Tour of Badlands National Park

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Mr. Lawnsby’s Photographic Tour of Badlands National Park

Mr. Lawnsby

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My wife and I like to travel with our dog, Rigby and take photographs of our trips.  Each article in this series is a photographic summary of the location along w/ a Q+A.  I hope that you learn something and maybe make a plan to visit some of these locations if you like what you see!

What’s the place for the day?

Badlands National Park.

Where is it?

South Dakota.

That sounds boring!

That’s not a question.

OK, fine: Is it boring?


What makes it unique?

Well, “badlands” are actual geologic formations of soft sedimentary rock.  Badlands National Park is full of them and they are beautiful.

Can I see?


Woah.  Sunrises there look awesome!

Yeah, totally.  Here’s another:

Where’s Rigby?!?!?!?!

Good point:

Any wildlife?

Yes!  You are guaranteed to see prairie dogs, and both times we’ve been we’ve seen lots of bighorn sheep.  Bison also graze just outside the park.

Can I see?


Do the bighorns ever walk up to you with just really quite a surprising amount of swagger?


How would you generally categorize Badlands National Park?

I think it’s underrated.  I hadn’t heard of it before our trip, and it’s now a real favorite.  The geologic formations are beautiful, it has wonderful vistas, there’s lots of exotic and interesting wildlife, and it’s not too crowded.  I recommend just noting that it’s a cool place and if you ever have the chance to go in the future, to definitely consider it.  It’s just as beautiful as more popular parks like Bryce, but it’s less crowded.

How about weather? 

It was mostly clear while we were there but some serious storms came through.  They left some incredible rainbows.

Did you get any badly overexposed photos of the rainbows?

You bet:

Last question: Did Rigby like it?

I think so, except for when she got spooked by a rogue dandelion:

OK, real last question: What location is next in the series?

I’m not sure yet!  Check back next week