Reasons to Hire a Lawyer #1 – Changes in Family Situation

Dylan Hickey

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(Over the next several weeks, the TLT will be running articles written by students in Mr. Gagnon’s Justice and Law course to inform the student body about potential situations where one might need to hire an attorney)

Changes in families can be a long grueling process that’s draining on everyone involved. When these changes occur – divorce – one doesn’t necessarily need a lawyer, but it helps the situation tremendously. Especially with divorces, and the trail of issues that follow it. The major sign that one would need a lawyer, is the prospect of splitting property. Lawyers understand the law, and want to make the process of splitting properties as easy as possible. Every state in the US has different divorce laws, so it’s truly in your best interest to hire an attorney. They want to protect your human’s right in the most fair way possible. If your spouse hires a lawyer, it’s not smart to attempt to represent yourself in court. No divorce is easy, some can be absolutely insufferable, so it’s best to have someone to look out for your best interests.

Going into the process of a divorce without a proper attorney can work, though it is far from ideal. Many couples splitting up will attempt to come to a compromise, trying to find each other on the same page. For couples with children, issues such as custody, visitation, etc can come to a compromise. Though more often than not, these couples will bump into a roadblock, and find it impossible to reach the same page. Children of divorce are known to fair better in life when their parents keep a steady relationship, but more often than not, agreements fall through and ideals change. Having a representation of the law by your side is perfect for this, every compromise you two have being legally binding. Undergoing a divorce is hard, and often foreign to most people. They don’t understand the process, thus hiring an attorney, is truly in your best interest.