Mr. Lawnsby’s Photographic Tour (#2): Glacier National Park

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Mr. Lawnsby’s Photographic Tour (#2): Glacier National Park

Chris Lawnsby

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My wife and I like to travel with our dog, Rigby, and we like to take photographs of our trips.  Each article in this series is a photographic summary of the location along w/ a Q+A.  I hope that you learn something and maybe make a plan to visit some of these locations if you like what you see!

What’s the place for the day?

Glacier National Park.

Where is it?


What part of Montana?

See for yourself:

Montana?  Sounds like “mountain”!  Must be tons of mountains!  The whole state must be nothing but mountains!

Not a question but I’ll bite. Montana is actually largely flat.  The western part is mountainous, though, and it’s awesome.

I don’t believe you.  The name is “Montana”: Can’t be flat.  Show me a topographic map.


OK fine, it looks like half of Montana is flat.  Can I see a picture of the mountains?


Woah.  Awesome.  Did you take any in black and white?

Well you don’t “take” them in black and white, but yes sort of here’s one:

That looks simultaneously under- and over-exposed.

Leave me alone.

OK, fine. What’s the wildlife situation?

Lots and lots of bighorn sheep:

Do they let you get close?

Do they create traffic jams?

Do they ever as a herd pose perfectly at the most perfect spot at the most perfect angle at the most perfect time?

I’ve heard enough about bighorn sheep– any other animals?

Ground squirrels!

What are they like?

They are jerks who like to scream:

Can you tell me something serious about the park?

Yes.  The best thing to do is “Going-to-the-Sun Road.”  This is the actual name of the main road that goes through the park.  It is only open July-October because of weather.  The views are breathtaking.  It is kind of scary to drive on because the road is narrow and winding.

Can I see one of the views?

I already showed you a bunch but yes:

Anything else to do?

Go on a boat!

Can say for instance a dog named Rigby go on a boat with you?


She looks like she’s having fun!

She actually hated it so much she was shaking and terrified and it was bad news overall.



Final thoughts on Glacier National Park?

Glacier is a very drive-able park.  There are a bunch of gorgeous views right from the side of the road.  It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen– the photographs don’t quite do it justice.

Cool.  What park are you gonna write about next?

Not sure.  Check back next week!