The NBA is Back

Jamieson Wrinn

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Everyone, we’ve made it. Take a breath. All that boredom, all those YouTube highlights, seeing other sports fans be happy, I am glad to say it is over. Today, October 22nd, 2019 marks the beginning of what I think is going to be one of the best NBA seasons of all time. We got some of the most competitive teams ever and a lot of them at that. Every team is flowing with talent, hard work, and dedication to this game. And if you’re on the east coast, remember sleep doesn’t matter when it comes to watching the game. My bedtime is the final whistle of the final game that night. Basically I’m screwed, but it’s worth it. 


So this got me thinking. What is the most anticipated things this season? Yesterday our lord and savior Stephan A. Smith came out with the players that have the most pressure on them. He nailed it as always, but what are the things that everyone is looking forward to? Well I gotchu, and if you don’t know what to look forward to, I still gotchu. 


Five: Who will be the King of the East? With all most all of the stars moving to the West, the East is just begging for someone to conquer it. We all know this though. Kyrie will have a lot to prove, but we New Englanders don’t give a damn about him. Philly, Milwaukee, and Boston are the teams to be looking at all season. They are the favorites to win the East, so everyone will have their eyes on them to see if they actually do that or completely muff it. I think teams like the Pacers and the Heat and Pistons will be sleepers and even Toronto after winning it all are now sleepers (it’s called the Kawhi Effect). The East is now the ugly brother to the West, so they’ll have to prove they can still compete.


Four: Rookie of the Year candidates. I hope you didn’t forget that ROY is no cake walk, especially for Zion Williamson. Rookies from all team are just itching to show what they got and to take down Zion and all the hype around him. Do I think Zion has too much hype? I’ll get to that later. But players like Tyler Herro, Carsen Edwards, RJ Barrett, Ja Morant, and any sleepers will be as or more competitive than Williamson. Now we wait and see. 


Three: The Golden State Warriors’ attempt to stay a championship contender in the West. Let’s be honest, their dynasty is over, but it is still their time to win it all. But it’s also the Lakers, Clippers, and Rockets time to win a championship so I hope you get my point. The Dubs are going to face their biggest challenge yet to stay relevant. Acquiring DLo was an interesting move on Myers’ part, and overall a solid attempt at a replacement for Klay Thompson. But let’s be clear, there is no one person who can take Klay’s place. In my opinion, I see Steph having one of his best seasons yet, and he is someone to be watching, especially since most of the pressure for that team will be on him. 


Two: Zion Williamson. You all saw this coming, come on. The hype around Zion is something we have only seen with LeBron James, even though I think Zion Williamson has more hype around him than LeBron. The only thing that worries me is his recklessness, and of course his knee. This injury is a huge blow to the Pelicans and his ROY chances. All eyes are on him right now, and if he can master the mental part no one stands a chance against him. To get to my earlier question, I don’t think he has too much hype. He is a generational talent, and something we have never seen before. All he has to do is prove himself in the NBA. 


One: The Battle for LA. This is going to be the most epic battle of two teams we have seen in awhile. LA has always been a Lakers city, but there’s some new kids in town who wants to do damage. Clippers v.s. Lakers are one for the ages ladies and gentlemen. Don’t get me wrong, Kawhi and LeBron and whoever else will act like it’s just another game and just another team, but there is so much more riding on this. Pride, your city, and legacy are all riding on this clash between teams.