Boys Advance to Semi Finals in Division 4 State Tournament!

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Boys Advance to Semi Finals in Division 4 State Tournament!

Sydney Champagne, Contributor/Editor

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After beating Matignon High School 4-2 in an intense home game to kick off the #tourneyjourney , the boys soccer team went on the road the next day to Salem High School to play against the Witches to compete for a spot in the semi-finals the following week.

The weather was not in their favor at all, as it was torrentially raining the entirety of the match. That did not stop the boys from playing an amazing game; it didn’t stop the mass amount of fans who made the trek to Salem to watch either!
A group of 14 devoted high schoolers who wanted to cheer on their classmates put together a fan bus, driven by superintendent Mr Liebow, and made the trip to Salem.
Once at Burnham field, it was clear it was going to be a long, hard fought match for both teams. It was extremely cold, and the rain was relentless. Luckily for Rockport, the entire crowd was composed of supportive parents, teachers, and classmates who willingly sat in this horrendous weather to cheer on the Vikings.

Within the first 10 minutes, Santiago Perez scores his first goal of the season and gave the Vikings a 1-0 lead right off the bat. Before the first half came to a close, senior Andrew Guelli scored another to give Rockport a comfortable 2-0 lead.

The second half was just as well-fought as the first; the boys were playing their hardest and giving their all. It was clear how hungry they were for the win. This was proven 20 minutes into the 2nd half when sophomore Colby Kelley scored, and then celebrated by doing a flip in the middle of the field. Before the game ended, sophomore Benan Murdock finished the game off with his first goal of the season, and ended the game with Rockport leading in a 4-0 shutout.

The Vikings’ defense, led by seniors Thomas Micalizzi, Dillon VanDerPool, and junior Austin Matus played an excellent game and kept the ball going up the wings rather than in the middle of the field. They were quick to shut down the Witches’ offensive players, and made great passes back up the field. Junior goalie Camden Wheeler also played a great game, never faltering under the pressure of a tournament match.


The Vikings play in the semi-finals on Monday 11/11 at Winthrop High School against Burke at 1pm. Please come out and support the boys in this critical match!