Mr. Lawnsby’s Photographic Tour (#3): Saguaro National Park

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My wife and I like to travel with our dog, Rigby, and we like to take photographs of our trips.  Each article in this series is a photographic summary of the location along w/ a Q+A.  I hope that you learn something and maybe make a plan to visit some of these locations if you like what you see!

What’s the place for the day?

Saguaro National Park!

Wait, how do you pronounce that?  

Believe it or not the ‘g’ is silent.  You say “Sa-wah-ro”

Where is it?

Southern Arizona:

Wait and you were there in July?!

Yeah, what about it?

Wasn’t it hot?

It was 122 degrees when we got there.



OK so wait but why is it called Saguaro National Park, anyway?