It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: DECA Competition Season Begins

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It is the most wonderful time of the year and that means Districts are here. Rockport High School DECA is on the eve of round one of competition at District VI District Event on January 9, 2020. This competition will involve schools from the North Shore area such as Cape Ann rivals, Manchester-Essex and Gloucester as well as Beverly HS, Triton, Swampscott HS, Marblehead HS, and some of the DECA chapters from Boston.

What do we do at Districts?

  1. Put on business attire for the day—Yes it is shirt and tie time for boys and dress pants/skirt time for girls. We need to look professional and present ourselves in a manner matching our dress.
  2. Competition involves doing a business presentation role play to a judge, which is basically solving a business/marketing scenario and then presenting the solution. You are learning skills such as making a presentation, speaking, organization, and interviewing. Even if you are not going into business, these skills are a must for life.
  3. Some students do research papers and these can range anywhere from 5-20 pages. Talk about a challenge! The DECA bosses are not afraid however. Papers involve more than just writing. They involve creating a display and giving a 15-20 minute well-rehearsed presentation to a judge. Again, organization and speaking are must skills but so is creativity.

From district competition a DECA student hopes to move onto the State Competition in late February 2020. This competition involves the best from all over the state and has approximately 2,500 students in attendance. If you are called up on stage on the final day of the state competition, that means you have earned a berth in the International Career and Development Conference  in early May when the amount of attendees increases to over 25,000 from all over the nation and abroad. Last year we were in Orlando, Florida and this year we hope to be at Nashville, Tennessee for Internationals!

In addition to competition we have to fundraise and we just got done with a big one called DECA the Halls. This event involved 7 locations on an open house tour just in time for the holiday season. Our recent fundraiser was a success and brought a couple of hundred people to Rockport. More importantly we had a chance to showcase the DECA students to the public and show off our presentation skills in the process. Thanks to DECA officers crew for all their help on this. They are truly DECA bosses.

How can one deny that it is the most wonderful time of the year?