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And So Atlas Sighed…

What it Meant to Us

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And So Atlas Sighed…

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Over the course of late 2017 to early 2018, the Rockport Music Department commissioned a musical composer to write a piece of music that represented Rockport as a community. The composer’s name was Mr. Robert Bradshaw who lives right here, in Rockport. During his process he asked the students in the music department to write him letters and communicate their thoughts to him so that he could accurately depict students as a whole in his music. Many collaborations of students were put into creating the piece. All the words of the community united; all words of peace and love. So much of the content was dedicated to love of one another and the appreciation of differences, rather than the punishment of them.  Due to his hard work and the students collaboration, instead of representing Rockport as a community, it ended up representing us as a family.

The incredible opportunity was given to the students to have a piece of music that was inherently their own. Not only was it a piece to symbolize Rockport, but having the chance to take the music to distant lands and give the people of the world a taste of who we are is an opportunity that so few people get to have. Just how rare of a gift this piece, and this trip was, hit the students at Rockport High in a big way. To live in such a prosperous place in a world where so many people beg for food puts into perspective just how lucky we are. Being able to carry that sound halfway across the world meant so much to us, and above all, it made us proud. Despite having little time with Bradshaw himself for rehearsals, we managed to pull together an inspiring piece of music that all of the students in the Music Department were proud to have worked on, and proud to have broadcast to the patient, attentive ears of an equally inspired audience.

This piece was especially astonishing to the students in how much it brought us together. As the collaboration continued, students realized how alike they think, and how many values they share. This piece allowed students to really realize their relationships with one another. Those who didn’t really know the personalities of their colleagues where given the chance to bring new relationships to life. Even for those who were already close, this experience only made those bonds stronger. Those bonds were not restricted to the students either. Teachers and students unified as well, having built much stronger bonds. Relationships between student and teacher vanished; replaced with friendship and comradery. The entire community benefited from this piece of music, and we are all so thankful.

Not enough words can be said to thank Mr. Bradshaw for his hard work; not enough words to thank the students that played the music as best they could; and certainly not enough words to thank the music staff who put it all together and really helped us get the absolute most out of the trip, and out of the music. Shakespeare may have said “If music be the food of love, play on,” but Mr. Cohen, Mrs. Pike, and Mr. Coveli made it a reality.

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And So Atlas Sighed…