Twin Lights Tribune


Vision Statement

The Twin Lights Tribune is a school and community newspaper and aims to serve the following purposes:

  1. To inform all members of the Rockport community about local events in the town and at the school
  2. To connect all of the people in the Rockport community
  3. To provide a voice for the students of the Rockport Public School system to display their talents and express their opinions.


Expectations for Members of the Twin Lights Tribune

All writers, editors, and administrators of the Twin Lights Tribune shall use the power of the media consciously and shall not write or publish slanderous, knowingly untrue, or damaging articles. All members will also strive to write and publish articles of high quality, without grammatical or spelling errors. Writers will work to be informative and factually correct, accurately label their works, noting when they are expressing opinion or fact, and be transparent about their biases. This newspaper will strive to be fair, impartial, mature, responsible, and representative of the varying opinions of Rockport’s students and residents. Editors will carefully review any articles submitted to them, ensuring that the articles are of high quality. Editors will make small changes if necessary before publishing, or return the article to the writer when more adjustments are needed.


Editorial Policy

The Twin Lights Tribune is written by Rockport High School students who make up staff as well as individual staff and community members. The opinions presented in The Twin Lights Tribune do not necessarily represent the position of the entire staff, Rockport High School, or the Rockport Public School District. As a public forum of student expression, The Twin Lights Tribune welcomes letters to the editor, article suggestions, and comments on articles, but reserves the right to refuse letters and comments deemed inappropriate. All letters and comments must be signed and may be edited for length, accuracy, and clarity by the staff, or returned to the author. No material will be printed where content is obscene, intrusive of individuals’ privacy, or defaming. The Twin Lights Tribune is managed by student staff, and will exercise freedom of the press in order to best uphold journalistic integrity. As such, Rockport Public Schools or its staff will not have the power to veto publication, except for constitutionally valid reasons.



The newspaper obtained its original funding through the generous support of the Rockport Rotary.

The Student and Community News Site of Rockport High School