Twin Lights Tribune

2019-2020 Staff

Amy Huber


Mrs Huber is the advisor to the newspaper staff.  She teaches geometry, algebra II, calculus and games/problem solving in the high school. She is also the faculty advisor to the National Honor Society.

Nathaniel Kirby

Local Events Contributor

Nathaniel Kirby is a senior at Rockport High School and is involved in many of the school's clubs, such as the Green Team and the Math Team. Nathaniel will be writing about community events for Rockport, including offerings at...

Sydney Champagne


Sydney is a senior at Rockport High School. Her favorite subject in school is English, and she plans on pursuing a career in investigative political journalism after she graduates. She also plays two instruments in the orchestra,...

Amanda Verga


Amanda is a senior attending Rockport High School. She is the secretary of the Green Team and a member of the Math Team.

Sheriff Arnaud

Head Illustrator

Sheriff Arnaud is a sophomore in Rockport High School, and head illustrator of the newspaper. He is studying to go into illustration and animation, and hopes to make profit with his work.

Jillian Tierney


Jillian is a junior at Rockport High School. She plays hockey and enjoys painting and reading. She is a member of the National Honor Society and the media coordinator for Rockport Public Schools Green Team.

Ashley Orr


Ashley (Lee) Orr is a junior at Rockport High School who enjoys writing and participates in Tech Crew and Spanish Club. She wants to go to college to be a culture writer, and hopes for the opportunity to study abroad.

Annika Vanderberg


Annika is a Junior at Rockport High School. She enjoys long walks on the beach and values sleep.

Clara Collins


Clara will be a junior in the upcoming school year.

Evelyn Merz


Evelyn a junior at Rockport High School, a tri-sport athlete, and the vice president of the Class of 2020. She loves math, and intends to pursue a career in applied mathematics through engineering.

Anya Aase


An RHS student, age 17, and a Junior.

Spanish Club


Hola welcome to the Spanish club profile. We will post Spanish club update with info and exciting reading material from past and present travelers as well as other information regarding trips to come. We hope you can join us as...

Patrick Morin


Patrick is a sophomore at Rockport high school. He is also a member of the Rockport Exchange and is also a member of Project 351, a state organization devoted to service. Patrick Has a love for education and would love to a...

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